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We make huts

And hideaways and places to party. Think-tanks and hermitages, love shacks and temples. Places to keep things in and space to let things go.

Describe your perfect garden space and we will design, build and install it for you. Hutmaker is home to some of the most respected garden room people in the country and with our new team of designers and your wish list, some magic is bound to happen.

personalised memorial seat in arbour

Just wanted to say another HUGE thank you! I had some lovely moments in the studio this afternoon (took a rocking chair and cup of tea and sat watching the tree, the birds, the light, the bees.... it was blissful! I think my work will take on a really joyful quality in there, when I get going). Once again, thanks so much to all the team, who have been such a joy to have on site, you bring such heart, vision, and high spec to the project. I hope you feel very proud.

Sophie M - Artist  London

Our laser cut steel work

carries the Cut by Fire label.

Why don't we swop a few ideas?

workshop  +44 7342 886272  |  info@hutmaker.com

The Mushroom Farm, Orston, Nottinghamshire NG13 9NX


Studio interior with northern skylight
Birdsong pavilion
Hermitage hut (bird door)
The leaf pavilion by Hutmaker
Garden studio with sedum roof
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Workshop  +44 7342 886272  |  info@hutmaker.com


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Hermitage hut (bird door)

Hutmaker garden hut - The Hermitage